We don’t Save Time, We Spend It!

Posted by admin at January 26, 2017

I will start off by saying that, personally, I don’t think there is a possible way of saving and keeping the most limited resource we own, Time or our life units.

Saying that we ‘saving time’ is like saying we ‘saved money’ when we bought an item on sale and made a percentage of savings. What most of us see in this scenario, is that we have some money left in our pockets because we bought the item at a cheaper price. In reality we just spend some money to purchase an item. We spent, not saved. We had more money earlier, for any purpose, but now we have a just consumer item and less money. Hope we needed that handbag that bad.

Regarding Time, all we do is spend. Every single person, from the couch potato to the time management guru, is destined to spend their entire life units doing one thing or the other or nothing at all. Whatever you do, time passes. Not news I know but it worth to mention that the goal of successfully people is to have more accomplished in the little time we have. The entire philosophy of this tech journal BlinkWiki is to record all that can be learnt from in a portion this short blink of a life time.


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