Q&A Apps bringing your thirst for knowledge into apps

Posted by admin at June 11, 2014

These “things” are the “app-ification” of random questions and answers with the hope of building a community knowledge base around a social network. I first heard about this breed of apps when CNN featured Biz Stone’s Jelly app. Jelly, an app that allows you snap pictures of things you need answers to and attach a question and send your friends: kind of like Snapchat with Yahoo Answers. (Reminds me I need to look at some old tech for inspiration.). Then I discovered Facebook variant, Paper, and a host other Q&A apps Frontback, Fink, Enquire, Quest etc. Quest is a map-based apps that lets you discover a neighborhood. I love maps.

This got me brainstorming on some practical applications of these apps. Granted, some of these apps were built to be lightweight and fun, to entertain while informing the user, but a more serious application wont hurt. In this light, Tech Support, Security, Small Business and nation-wide Tourism immediately comes to mind.


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