Ok Drone Update: Parrot releases a cheap mini drone and … “jumping car?”

Posted by admin at June 11, 2014

My research on drones led me to this. Parrot, the manufacturers of AR Drones have released a cheap quadro-copter called the MiniDrone, a palm-sized version of their earlier and apparently popular offering, AR-Drone. The Mini-Drome is controlled by the FreeFlight3 app that works on the iPhone and Android and Windows in August 2014.

Also Bluetooth 4.0 and down-facing still camera are some of the features of the drone. It also has a 160-foot range and up to 20 minutes of battery life at a price range of $99 as against the $299 for the AR-Drone. Also┬áreleased is a two wheeler, the Jumping Sumo, which even though looks cool and all, I still don’t get how this offering, which is basically a jumping car, will be better than a flying machine. And speaking of jumping, the MiniDrone also has a jumping double-wheel attachment by the way. Seriously, whats with all the jumping? I’ve got to see the light in this! I get it is a cool feature for a toy, other than that, not much else. Then again is the main essence of toys is fun, don’t you say?)

UPDATE May 2015: The jumping toys; playing a real-life platform game with your home furniture? I still don’t see it.



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