Posted by admin at June 24, 2014

I hate bookmarks. I mean I love bookmarks but I hate that way current browsers organise them. Browsing through a long list of arbitrary links is not an effective way to location the information that I need in an instant and I come accross tons of interesting information online in any given day.

This gives me the information constipation I am sure someone else out there is suffering from. To add to this, my internet is crap, so what happens when I find a link and cant view the content because I cant open the page?

So I need a better way to organize my these streams of information in offline bookmarks as well as publish some of them on BlinkWiki. I am thinking of an app or chrome widget that allows me publish a subset of my browser history online on my blog (I know risky, but I need it… I will add two “are you sure?” prompts to stop me from publishing sensitive materials if you know what I mean!).

Collected book marks will be filed under the BlinkReads section of this Blog. Also another intersting thing I might do is to create a offline magazine or book with this (did I mention I have terrible internet).



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