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Posted by admin at June 24, 2014

My nodecopter drone craze. Hey, you know this is the first time I get in on a trend early. Articles I see on the programmable drone subject are as far back as July 2013. Yay me right?

Samy Kamkar genius kid, hacker and enterprenuer. Putting me to shame Samy’s drone hijacking rig

Some node.js beginner info–net-19448–net-36296 (you can build desktop applications with this node.js thing. Just like Adobe AIR. Hey I also saw something named PHP-GTK in the comments. My head is exploding!)

Peered into MIT OpenCourseWare site looking at my Achilles heel – Electronics:

Hacking howto, reminds me of my blacksun days hehe. Basically all this guy is saying is “Learn how to solve problems and learn Unix!”

Peered into Python Labs. Random thought the bookmarking app should allow the user set alert for reminders. Stuff you’d want to check later.

From drones to robots people. Here’s SOciety of Robot’s take on learning



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