Connect Devices, no WiFi, no Bluetooth, no IR, just UV!

Posted by admin at January 19, 2015

Living in a developing country, I have always wondered how to overcome the pressures and challenges of connectivity. I have asked the question, “how can one connect to world or to another, when infrastructures are down, like in a demonstration or in a war?”.

If the WiFi is any good, you and your destination device will have to be in the same WiFi network as in the case of sending documents to a printer. Another scenario is the clunckiness of connecting devices via Bluetooth and dont even talk of the Infra Red. And you have to also consider the fact that you still need middle men (or middle devices, Wifi equipment, Bluetooth chip in the connecting devices etc).

I stumbled on a research on connecting computer devices (and phones, no surprises here) only through audible and non-audible tones or UltraSound.


This form of connectivity involved the receiving or destination device listening (literally through the microphone) for tones from the source computer. These tones when sounded by the source device within the capture range of the destination device (a limitation here), is then translated by the destination computer or device into data, or basically, keystrokes. Think about it for a moment, as you make keystrokes on your phone, a computer several feet away will take the keystrokes (scary, I know) and fill out a form or print out a document say. Exciting stuff, i will look into it some more.

PS: This is actually my first article since July 2014, (published in 2015, yea, I know, very late), I have been working on a number of software projects (work tracking applications for aviation ramp inspection, details later).



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