Saving and Emailing Web Form Data: Project Specifications

Posted by admin at November 24, 2015

A very good friend of mine requested if I could design a Web Browser extension that will extract a filled form and send this form to a designated email address. He wished to put this on an exclusive download site. So here is me taking a crack at it:


  1. The application will be implemented in the form of a browser extension. I will be starting with Chrome and then moving onto Firefox.
  2. The extension should be able to detect form tags and prompt the user to save
  3. After filling out a form, the user clicks on the extension icon and an email is sent to the user with a file attachment containing the form data.
  4. The user can load the form data into a link and the fields will be auto-filled.
  5. The app could track the users mouse movements on a particular form to determine when the user is done filling the form. When the user is done filling the form, a notification is displayed.

Applications of this extension will include the following:

  1. Saving forms would be a breeze: It is not very easy to save information on the numerous random forms we fill out online. This app will provide pre-emptive prompts to save forms in a format we can retrieve later
  2. Form Repository: The user can maintain a list of all the links where she filled a form and what data was submitted.
  3. Sharing: The user can share form data with other users and even send form data to printer or use offline.

1. Building Chrome extensions
2. Building Firefox extensions
3. Building extensions for mobile
4. Detecting form tags
5. Displaying notifications
6. Sending an email from a browser extension (PHP API server? Slim?)
7. Filling out form elements using HTML/JS from an extension
8. Changing form element properties from an extension using JS

I will work on this and update the blog.


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