MStream: Streaming from multiple web cameras in a location (Project Specifications)

Posted by admin at November 24, 2015


MStream is a media app for streaming LIVE video from multiple web cameras, allowing the user record and manipulate the web cameras from the mobile / table or PC. The app should be able to record videos and pictures from the LIVE stream sources.

Usage and Operation:

  1. The user can connect to several web cameras and stream LIVE videos
  2. The user can switch from one video feed to another on choice
  3. The user can create recording of the LIVE streams, interchanging between webcams
  4. The user can apply filters on recorded videos
  5. The user can be granted access to manipulate special webcam properties such as pan and zoom
  6. Image and video processing such as face/object detection or AR can be performed on the LIVE streams at the web server
  7. Share LIVE streams and recording with other users

Possible Real-Life Applications:
Security, Entertainment, Health etc.

The app should be implemented with nodeJS (or C# for web server API), HTML5 (for LIVE stream capture), Objective C or Java (for UI/UX) and RaspberryPI (for webcam customization).


1. Streaming:

2. Multiple Camera Streaming:

3. Research on “Raspberry Pi”

4. Media Recording:

5. Further Research

  • Face/Object Detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Obstruction Detection
  • Text to Speech Tech
  • Social Media Integration (APIs for AUTH, Image Search and Account Information) Tilo Mitra has something on this (



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