An analysis of Asian text messaging app companies and some insights on monetization

Posted by admin at April 13, 2014

I just read this article speculating that the Next Asian text messaging app exit may be larger than WhatsApp’s recent 19 million dollars  and I got me thinking about how different the various tech companies try to monetize their offerings and expand their market. They have the advantage of an already large market and despite the state challenges expanding to western countries, the Asian market is sufficient to propel these companies individual expected valuations way above the recent WhatsApp’s 19 million dollars.

The article also gave me an insight as to what different markets want in a product: the Asian markets prefer offerings: app/web apps that hold a multitude of features while western markets prefer simple scaled down applications as can be seen on Whatsapp and Twitter: simple apps that do just one thing. To confirm this have you ever opened a typical Asian website and marveled at the clutter thereof, compare that with the new HTML5 parallax web designs that got popular in western countries in 2012/2013.

I prepared a small spreadsheet on the analysis done in the blog to clearly visualize the comparison. I was particularly interested in the sizes of the markets and the monetization strategies for their apps.





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