Random Cool Ideas: Wearable Tech:

Posted by admin at May 2, 2014

This is the first entry in the segment I have decided to call RCI: Random Cool Ideas. It discusses various genres of technology and highlights experimental and probably futuristic ways it can be harnessed to change the world. By that I mean, my own crazy ideas with new tech.

Since the middle of 2013, when the Google Glass buzz got to me, (yea, I get those things late), I have thinking of innovative things that could be done with wearable technology. Anybody that enjoys sci-fi movies like I do, cannot help but be flung into a bout of terrific day dreaming. And when I heard of the amazing Oculus Rift, I decided to make a small list of cool things that can be done with this new breed of tech that is proceeding on a path to convert our work desk of laptops and desktops to a Tony-Stark-esque laboratory!

Acquiring new muscle memory:

Learning how to play a musical instrument or learning how to type could be a tedious task that requires a considerable amount of time to master. A sure fire way to achieving success in learning these activities is to practice, a lot.   Wearable tech worn on fingers, ankles and head, equipped with motion sensors and feedback mechanisms that vibrates, lights up or sounds out appropriately to signal the learner when a right or wrong move has been made.

Even if you do wish to learn the activity but just to perform the activity once, the technology could also be used. An example will be an app that let’s you play the Bohemian Rhapsody on stage wearing Google glass and a special glove fitted with robotic mechanisms that ensure rhythm and key accuracy. This will surely turn a music novice into a maestro! That will definitely join the class of music tech like the auto-tune, angering musical purists everywhere.

Learning a new language:

This one shouldn’t be hard especially for the headsets and spectacles as long we get the audio-visual translation of spoken words right. For instance, you are yet to master the Japanese language and you have an important meeting with a Japanese team at 3pm. What do you do? How about strapping on your glasses and taking the auto-translator for a ride. Japanese enters the mic and an API (if we can build it) or a remote human translator (if you can afford it) will provide spoken translations to your headset. Done deal.

Sports, Fitness and Health:

I read an article in Time 2000 that studied the trend of mobile devices to wearables and one of the pros they pointed out was the monitoring of vitals by an electronic device worn on the ankle or feet. Well, a number of companies such as Nike, Microsoft have rolled out a bands that do just that, even Intel of all people, is joining in on the ‘Heath Band’ wagon (get it?). The band can monitor health signals and be able to signal the hospital and book appointments with relevant specialty depending on the wearers vital signs.

For sports, as mentioned in the section on acquiring muscle memory, wearable tech can be employed to train athletes to perform and remember moves. the athlete can visualize every body movement even as he is doing it. The instructor or coach can design better move combinations to give his athlete or team an edge. Imagine being able to visualize how to kick the ball to make a complete pass or score a goal. The intensity and direction for kick will all be displayed directly on the HUD. Now that’s some major Terminator technology.


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