The 100 Challenge

Posted by admin at April 11, 2014

I am trying hit up to 100 articles on this blog project. I just started very late to this blog thing. My aim, as earlier stated, is to organise my thoughts into a composium, improve my writing and record my experiments. Basically I am learning without a class, how to do the very basic things: the fundermentals of running a startup, to pick (learn) and drop (teach) some new IT skills and most of all, Thinking. Yea, you read it right! THINKING. I suck at generating valid constructive thoughts. When I try to concentrate and really think on a subject matter like what framework do I use for a user interface I want to design or how do I plan the security of a web app I am developing, I usually start with silence and calm and soon enough, I am staring at my phone thinking of the Nebulla and how incredibly small we are in this universe. That is the moment when I wake up. I had been sleeping. Unbelievable.

A friend once asked me for a list of web apps that I had designed or working on and I blanked out, I had nothing, I had been working on creating solutions for other peoples problems and had never thought of bringing all this work under one roof. So in a moment of clarity, I thought: “What if write down my thought processes for developing software applications and designs and organize them in a blog? That way, I can read them from time to time and I could also use the same forum to show my design portfolio”. Sounds like a good idea, huh? I mean thats what a lot of smart kids are doing right? Right! So I started a search on some designers and found some great ones. I was particularly impressed with and You can check them out. In fact the design of this blog was inspired by the later, simple and straight to the point.

Now the problem is that in addition to not thinking clearly most of the time, I am terrible with writing, the only writing I do is coding and coding is easy if you are creative, but the not the narrative kind of creativity. So the challenge I gave to myself is to generate up to 100 articles before I can properly promote the blog link. I mean after one hundred, I can decide if my thoughts make sense, if the content is usable content for public consumption. Or not. Either way, this blog fulfills a purpose, help an easily distracted, daydreaming programmer collect his thoughts and if possible teach someone else a thing or two. In fact I recommend you do the same: I have heard that to think better, you need to write more and during the process of writing, especially writing for some sort of publication, you tend to do some research no matter how small. This way, you learn better. The advantages of writing is enormous and I suggest you get on board and for heavens sakes don’t do it to get popular. Do it to learn!

So a hundred articles, lets see if I can make it. I have started typing…


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